Sanitary Ware Bathroom Distributor

After production, the sanitary ware bathroom is distributed by the manufacturers in the relevant stores and centers so that the customers can easily prepare and use the goods they need by visiting these places. The quality of sanitary ware from the manufacturers makes the market for that product always prosperous.

Sanitary Ware Bathroom Distributor

Three Important Decisions before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Three Important Decisions before Remodeling Your Bathroom Three important points when renovating and replacing sanitary ware bathroom fittings fixtures are:

1. Determine the amount of bathroom renovation:

All bathrooms need the same amount of remodeling. If your bathroom has a functional problem, then you probably need to empty it and replace the defective equipment with a new one. On the other hand, your toilet may not be a big problem in terms of functionality, but for whatever reason, it does not make you feel good, so you are determined to change its style and appearance to suit your taste. Sometimes you may be in the middle of this spectrum; This means that your bathroom needs to be improved, both in terms of function and appearance.

2. Create a map:

The new layout is largely based on the current layout and layout, as it is difficult and expensive to transfer many of the bath and toilet services installed. The water source and sewer network are usually located on a common wall. Toilets can be moved, but the cost is so high that most homeowners are reluctant to do so. However, if the current plan fails to make the changes you want and you have enough budget, you can rebuild everything.

3. Install a shower or bathtub:

Installing a shower, bathtub or a combination of the two is the biggest sub-project in a bathroom renovation project. Note that this is not done by the plumber, but by the contractors proposed by the contractor. Installing a shower and bathtub usually takes one to two days. Even if it is tiled, the bathroom renovation project can take several days or even a week. However, the tiles must be dry and durable.

Sanitary ware bathroom faucet and best bathroom sanitary ware They are devices that need to be replaced every few years.

Considerations for Choosing Sanitary Ware

Considerations for Choosing Sanitary Ware The first task is the correct location of the toilet, Persian toilet, toilet, shower and bathtub and Jacuzzi or Jacuzzi according to the facility and electricity plan. It is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

The direction of the toilet and the Iranian toilet should be opposite to the direction of the heart. (Religious-Islamic advice)

The permissible lateral distance between the cultural and Iranian toilets in relation to the wall and to each other should be observed. (Functional recommendation)

To facilitate the use of sun milk, observe the allowable distance between sun milk and Iranian toilets and toilets. (Functional-health recommendation)

To avoid colliding with the toilet or toilet counter while using Iranian and French toilets, it is strongly recommended to observe the direction, distance and size of the toilet and the Iranian and French toilet stone. (Functional-safety recommendation)

If possible, use a combination of ceiling and wall lights in a wide-point and linear way based on the location position in the space. (Sensory-aesthetic advice)

In designing any space, there are standards that must be observed in order to use that space that is desirable for human beings. But apart from design standards, the aesthetics of the space must also be considered. Choosing luxury toiletries such as luxury toilet bowls, luxury faucets and Jacuzzi (bathtub and Jacuzzi) can also contribute to the beauty of the space.

Why Do Exporters of Sanitary Ware Buy from Us?

Why Do Exporters of Sanitary Ware Buy from Us? Customer satisfaction is essential for any company that our company also has high customer satisfaction. Reasonable price can be one of the important factors in performing and concluding a contract that must be considered. The quality of our products is one of the most important reasons for retaining customers is our loyal collection and we provide products with excellent quality. These factors cause exporters to buy our products.


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